CircuitWorks® CW3300G Green Overcoat Pen | 4.9 g

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CircuitWorks® CW3300G Overcoat Pen | Green - 4.9 g

CircuitWorks® Overcoat Pen is ideal for protecting and insulating circuit board traces, components, and other delicate electronics.

This highly effective acrylic conformal coating provides excellent protection against shorts, moisture, abrasion, fungus, and other environmental hazards.

Allows for easy repair of solder mask in prototype, manufacture and repair of circuit boards.

Simple to use, single component system

Hard, durable coating 

High dielectric strength helps prevent electrical discharge

Dries quickly at room temperature

Protects against moisture and abrasion damage

Meets requirements of MIL-I-46058C and IPC-CC-830A

Contains fluorescent indicator

RoHS Compliant

Made in USA

Model CW3300G
Polymeric Conformal Coat
VOC Content
VOC Content: 630 g/L
Temperature Range
-67 to 255°F (-55 to 125°C)
Tack-Free Time < 5 Minutes
Resistivity >10^12 ohm-cm @ 50 VDC
Dielectric Breakdown >500 volts/mil DC
Dielectric Constant 3 - 4
Dissipation Factor < .001 @ 1 KHz
Thermal Shock Resistance


10 Cycles @ -67º to 311ºF (-55 to 155°C)

Flexibility Excellent
Moisture Resistance Excellent
Adhesion Good to Excellent
Typical Thickness 2 - 3 mil
Shelf Life
2 Years
Country of Origin USA
Brand Circuitworks

CircuitWorks Overcoat Pen material is generally compatible with materials used in printed circuit board fabrication.

As with any adhesive/sealant, compatibility with substrate should be determined on a non-critical area prior to use.

Usage Instructions
  1. For industrial use only. Read SDS carefully prior to use.
  2. Cleaning - For best adhesion, clean the board with a Chemtronics Electro-Wash cleaner in order to remove any surface contamination which may prevent adequate material contact.
  3. Application - The overcoat material is dispensed throughout the CircuitWorks Overcoat Pen. Squeezing the pen body while pressing down on the surface will allow the material to flow.
  4. Thinning - The overcoat material has been optimized for the CircuitWorks Overcoat Pen and thinning is not normally necessary. However, propyl acetate may be added with thorough mixing to make slight adjustments for ease of application in the bulk form.
  5. Drying - The overcoat material dries in 5 to 10 minutes at room temperature. A heat cure of 5 - 10 minutes at 200°F (93°C) is recommended for more demanding applications and for enhancing the chemical resistance.
  6. Clean-up / Removal - The overcoat material can be removed from surfaces using acetone.
Package Contents
1 N
Download Technical Data Sheet
Download Safety Data Sheet

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